Speech Critique and Analysis

Speech Critique and Analysis

Three Specific things about Mark Zuckerberg’s Presentation Skills

Speeches are useful for presenting information in business and political gatherings However, speakers need to fulfill important elements of presentations for their speeches to be effective. Mark Zuckerberg’s Harvard commencement is an example of a speech that demonstrates practical presentation skills, making him effective in connecting with the audience. Zuckerberg effectively talks about the creation of purpose in life, drawing from personal experiences (Motivation Vault, 2017). Zuckerberg effectively delivers his speech to make the audience attentive, interested, and  informed. In this paper I will discuss the three important thinks concerning Mark Zuckerberg’s presentation skills.

While delivering the commencement speech, Zuckerberg is an eloquent speaker and persuasive, and accustomed to speaking before a crowd. His style of delivery sets him apart from other speakers. His talk is constructed to resonate emotionally, and he persuasively did it through different persuasive techniques. He uses articulation to shift the minds and hearts of his audience, using effective dialogue. Zuckerberg wants people to understand how they can achieve a specific purpose in life, and he does this through persuasion, which was broadcasted in his message. Through his dialect, Zuckerberg a persuasive speaker. He does not depend on his natural talent, but he is also a thoughtful learner of persuasion art. When delivering most of his talk, Zuckerberg’s tone vibrates with conviction to match his performance. Through this, he emotionally connects with his audience.


When it comes to content, Zuckerberg uses clarity and consciousness. He is conscious about the audience by how he speaks about things in an understandable and uncomplicated way.

Some can argue that he is oversimplifying. But he is reaching people to buy what he is selling. Furthermore, his repetition of certain phrases and words such as “purpose” makes his delivery more captivating and poetic. It persuasively makes the audience agree with his statements.

Zuckerberg’s speech also shows how nonverbal communication is employed to ensure the right content is delivered. Nonverbal communication proved to be one of the most effective styles used by speakers (Stiff & Mongeau, 2016). The power of facial expressions, gestures, and eye contact revealed shows that an effective speaker delivers the Patriotism speech. He expertly employs gestures through his hands and smiles before the camera to ensure his facial expressions are well represented. Zuckerberg turns out to be much better at nonverbal communication compared to verbal communication. He ensures audience participation which blends direct appeals giving a candid conversation with them through humor and questions. He addresses the audience by directly looking into the camera to maintain eye contact.

The speech was effective since it ensured that the audience gets the right and understands how they practice it. Zuckerberg shows how people have undergone difficult experiences to achieve the proper purpose (Motivation Vault, 2017). He uses his personal experience and others to show to emotionally appeal to the audience and understand his message. He reveals that every person has a significant role to play in making a project successful. Zuckerberg accomplishes his objective since people listen to him attentively and properly integrate what he says into their everyday lives.

The three ways Mark suggests to “create a world where everyone has a sense of


According to Zuckerberg, every generation has its defining works. Thus, the first way is by (1) taking big meaningful projects. It is the turn of these generations to do great things, which can only be achieved by getting started. Ideas do not come fully formed, but they only become clear by working on them. There are several challenges that people working on big projects might encounter, including fear of making mistakes, negativity, and criticism, and they must always be prepared (Motivation Vault, 2017). The second way of creating a sense of purpose is by (2) redefining the idea of equality. It is critical to give every person the freedom to pursue goal      because we are all the better if they turn their hopes into something better. The third way is by (3) building community. The boundless arc of human history leans towards people the society uniting to achieve things they cannot live on their own. Global change starts small, and people’s ability to build a community depends on a unified purpose.

My Thoughts on how I can Contribute to Achieve each of the three ways in my life

There are several ways in which I can contribute to accomplish meaningful projects, redefine equality and build a community. The first thing to do would be to find a passion and then focus on it until I find something I can do with it, preferably something that will help people. I can then focus on this passion. I also need to manage the beginning of my journey to the end. That is where I inadvertently introduce or fail to anticipate problems by omission that will kill my purpose. Planning is, of course, a big part of this, but there is much more to this. I have to do a thorough risk analysis and spend much time testing your assumptions and agreeing with the mission and goals and how to get everyone else to buy-in. I can spend time planning how I will deal with unanticipated problems by getting my key players aligned.

I can redefine equality to mean equal opportunities for every person and work hard to ensure achievement. While people are offered equality of opportunity, they are not guaranteed equality in outcome. That is because people are born with different levels of talent. The only possible solution is to learn and practice equality.

To engage in building a community, I have to know the why and be sure the brand I am making my community around (and the people who are a part of it) know the why. This links us together. I should answer the questions, why we are a community, the common linkage, if we are all passionate about helping others, use a similar service and define this clearly. Nonetheless, everyday experiences should bond us. I can host lots of events for my community with a variety of interests. I can also make the events help people (and myself) get out of their comfort zone(s). There is rarely something that will bind us more strongly than having a variety of events with other community members (different food experiences, hiking experiences, photography). These shared experiences over time will grow the community identity.

I have to be a connector in my community. This will help strengthen bonds within my community. If I know someone interested in something and another member who has a similar interest, I have to make sure they know each other. Community means a mix of shared experiences, a shared why, and constant reinforcement. Nonetheless, I have to reinforce at every event and community gathering continually. Openness and being welcoming is critical, and everyone is equal. It is critical to open everyone into our community with open arms and work with other community groups. It is equally important to look at groups that have similar goals and inter-connect these communities. Then, we can cross-promote and collaborate on events together.























Motivation Vault (Director). (2017, December 29). Mark Zuckerberg inspiring speech – a sense of purpose [Video file]. Retrieved April 02, 2021, from https:/(youtu.be/GqVrQjpHwhs

Stiff, J. B., & Mongeau, P. A. (2016). Persuasive communication. (Third edition). New York:

Guilford Publications

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