SOC-100 Pillars of Society Matrix

SOC-100 Pillars of Society Matrix


Instructions: Complete the matrix below. Each cell/cube of the matrix needs to have a three- to the five-sentence response.

Pillars What have you read about how the economy impacts each of society’s pillars today? (Use your textbook and other academic readings.) What have you observed about how the economy impacts each of society’s pillars today? (Draw upon your personal experience.) How does your community impact the pillars? How has technology impacted each of the pillars?
Politics The economy significantly impacts politics by influencing the way people vote. If the economy is growing steadily people are likely to get more wages, employment opportunities, and higher corporate profits which will increase their chances of voting in elections (Goes, 2018). The economic changes in a specific country also inform the policy changes that politicians want to enact. Having a track record of economic growth is a significant consideration for those in political power. The economy significantly matters in politics. In the 2020 presidential elections, I was personally worried about not finding new jobs or being laid off my job during this pandemic. There was also the possibility of losing my life savings due to this pandemic because I thought that not many banks would be able to hold on during COVID-19. Thus, I decided to vote for the best candidate whom I thought would prevent further economic crisis due to the pandemic. This shows how the economy influences politics. By taking political actions community members make determine who holds public office, make their political preferences known, and influence decisions made by politicians. The developments are done by political leaders on the community level show how effective they are in leadership (Goes, 2018). This also increases their chances of being supported by community members in elections. The community also affects the decisions made by political leaders. Political leaders should make informed decisions on how they can provide community members with their essential needs. Technology has led to several impacts on politics. Communication with potential voters was challenging for political leaders. However, after the invention of television and the radio politics changed significantly. With the marketing industry, political campaigns can reach millions of targeted voters, quietly, quickly, and below the radar. As a result of technological changes, political leaders can directly communicate with their followers and sell their manifestos through social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.
Marriage and Family The economy positively and negatively affects marriage and family life. With positive economic development, families can get more wages which increases their income levels (Spash, 2017). With economic crisis families, children and youth will be significantly affected. In nuclear families, recessions cause loss of family savings and job loss which strains marriage life and parental relationships. Lower-income families are likely to face more adverse impacts such as a lack of healthcare, food, and shelter. With higher poverty rates, there an increase in child neglect, marriage conflicts and abuse as well as domestic violence. In my school study, I researched the effects of negative economic growth on families in Nigeria. In my research, if found out that the economic well-being of couples as well as children are connected to their family life. The negative economic growth in the country leads to increased poverty which significantly affects many families. Most families are suffering the impacts of negative economic growth such as lack of basic needs. Children are receiving less education due to a lack of resources in schools. Most parents have to engage in illegal activities to support their children. The community affects marriage and family by imposing rules on how the married couple should act and think towards each other. Unlike in the past, most communities have changed the perception of family and marriage. More women are going to work, acquiring child-minders or family relatives to look after the children.

Some men do cook or even stay home to look after children in some cases, they may also have the right to get paid paternity leave from work when a new child is born. It is up to the couple how they manage the pattern of their everyday lives with not much influence from families.

Technology has significantly enhanced family life and marriage. Telephone and e-mail help keep distant family members in touch. However, researchers are concerned about how technology is breaking down communication in families (Markard, 2020). The need for social media interactions and addiction is becoming a major issue that has disconnected family members. On the other hand, technology has led to more connections within families. It has helped parents reach their children quickly, sense security family members, and talk to other family members in different parts of the world. Technology is also significant for marriages undergoing separation or divorce through more immediate face contact or voice calls.
Religion A country’s economic development significantly affects the citizen’s levels of religiosity. Overall development per capita Gross Domestic Product is likely to reduce religiosity. As Goes (2018) articulates people tend to become less religious with increased income. This is because economic development leads to lesser roles of religion in policymaking, political process, social arrangements, and legal process. Economic development also means that the opportunity costs of participating in prayers and religious services will increase. As people participate in economic development, they also get less time to participate in time-intensive activities like prayers and religious services. The economy is important to the livelihood of religious leaders such as pastors, nuns, priests, deacons, ministers, popes, cardinals, bishops, and theologians. With economic development, we get more wages which are shared for church activities and development. As a Christian, economic development significantly affects my mindset. There is a clear connection between the prosperity of a religion, which teaches people to work hard, be reliable, and take responsibility for their own life. To positively contribute to the economy, I have to work hard. This affects my time for prayers and going to church. I believe that my destiny is all out of my hands. Many economic aspects stimulate or hinder people’s religious growth.


The community impacts religion in different ways. In many religions, community participation is critical. It is important for the growth and happiness of the members. Nonetheless, when people live as a community, they can easily contribute to the development of their religions and other activities. Collaboration between churches and communities tends to reduce crime and violence, increase household incomes, and provide stable education for the next generation. Until those are the focus of the community development, it is not worth the money paid to the expert. The use of technology has led to profound impacts on religion. European sailing craft coupled with specific imperatives of the Roman Catholic Church spread that religion to many parts of the world far more rapidly than it would have spread otherwise due to technological changes (Markard, 2020). Similarly, the invention of printing accelerated the dissemination of written communication of religious statements.

The prime teacher of Christianity preached to groups while sitting on a rock. Today preachers use electronic sound systems, large stage setups, and radio, tv, and print media. These also change how religion is expressed to members and converts alike


Education The economy of a country also significantly impacts the education system. Primary education in almost all countries is either provided free of cost or heavily subsidized (Spash, 2017). Likewise, higher educational institutions run by the government are heavily subsidized too. If an economy is not doing well or in recession, this will affect the government’s tax revenue. Faced with less tax revenue and more spending, the government, if it is not a welfare state, will cut down spending on primary education and subsidies towards public higher education institutions. A bad economy means that there are very few people are making a lot of money, which generally leads to a very large wage gap between the “poor” and the “rich”. Positive economic growth positively impacts education due to the provision of adequate resources. However, if the economy is bad, the government will be making less money from taxes. I have studied in a public school that is mostly sponsored by the government and relies on funding. In cases of recession, my school would receive less money. This means they have less to invest in better teachers, books, and school supplies. This is most cases led to a worse education for students. The community significantly impacts education in different ways. The community enables students to understand how their actions outside school can affect others. It also provides them with significant experience in helping others, developing relationships, building strong characters, and how to work as a team.

Many communities engage collaborate with education systems to ensure that students receive better resources for their development. This is achieved through fundraising and government support to provide schools with resources such as computers, books, and teachers. The community can also advocate for students’ needs if a school needs special facilities.


Technology has an important impact on education, it affects all aspects and all levels of education. First, technology has changed teaching and learning methodologies by adding new approaches which are not possible without technology. These include online education and learning. Technology is also making education more accessible to many individuals who cannot attend a face to face classrooms (Markard, 2020).  Nonetheless, it has helped in the development and delivery of online content present in several formats including text, video, simulation, audio, and animation. Technology has made learning flexible, learner-centered, and personal.



Part 2: Summary

Instructions: Write a 100-150-word summary of your matrix. Cite one to two resources you used to complete the matrix.                                                                  

This matrix highlights the impacts of economic of different pillars of the society such as politics, marriage and family, religion, and education. With economic development, the income level of individuals in a specific country is likely to increase leading to better, family life and education. However, religiosity is likely to decrease with economic development (Spash, 2017). The economy also determines political decisions made by leaders. The community also significantly impacts these pillars of society. Community shapes how marriage and family life by imposing rules and values to be followed. It also impacts politics determining the political leaders who are fit for office (Goes, 2018). Nonetheless, education is significantly impacted by community participation. Technology is another major factor that impacts politics, family, religion, and education. Technological advances have led to better methods of reaching potential voters. It has also led to more connections between family members. Technology has advanced education enabling students to acquire information easily, and learn remotely.


Spash, C. L. (Ed.). (2017). Routledge handbook of ecological economics: Nature and society (Firs Ed). New York: Taylor & Francis.

Markard, J. (2020). The life cycle of technological innovation systems. Technological Forecasting and Social Change153(1), 119407.

Goes, E. (2018). The Third Way and the politics of community. In The Third Way and beyond. Manchester University Press.

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