Role Play of Social Worker

Role Play of Social Worker

Child’s Background

Childhood sexual abuse represents a few of the key problems that would benefit from interventions. Sexual abuse of children is defined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as any planned or actual sexual assault of, sexual interaction with, or sexual activity on a child or teen (Martinez et al., 2018). Nonetheless, the World Health Organization (WHO) broadens this explanation by defining child sexual misconduct as any sexual behavior that involves children to which they are neither psychologically nor able to consent to. Child exploitation for pornographic material and illicit sexual activity are all examples of sexual abuse during childhood.

My background story is about a teenage girl facing from a dysfunctional family facing childhood sexual abuse. Tiffany, who is 14 years old, has experienced multiple incidents of childhood sexual exploitation and assault, which have had a big impact on her life as a teen. Tiffany’s uncle Mark and his friend James sexually assaulted her on multiple occasions when she was a little girl. She was exposed to prostitution and drug abuse at the age of 9 while also being abused sexually by Tom. Effective treatments are required to alter her conduct and improve her life to prevent exploitation and sexual assault from having a severe negative influence on her.

The Aspect of a Child’s Life

One of the most critical aspects of a child’s life is family. Because children understand their own lives and the surroundings around them via experiences involving their families, the family plays a crucial role in their development. The term “family member” refers to someone who has primary custody of a kid, such as a child’s parents, grandparents, caregivers, or adoptive parents. To comprehend the impact that family members have on a child’s results, familial frameworks, operations, and roles must be evaluated. Parenting obligations, goals, and chores share many “family functions” with other types of family activities.  It’s crucial to comprehend the relationship between parenting responsibilities and “family functions,” though.  Providing for basic requirements like clothing, shelter, and food as well as emotional support like love, convenience, closeness, friendship, providing care, and a sense of belonging are some of the most crucial family responsibilities. Socialization and upbringing of children also include parenting, raising them, assisting them in functioning as well as possible within their community, and controlling their sexuality, which includes determining when and with whom it occurs.

Tiffany’s family is a crucial area in which help is needed. Tiffany’s hard circumstance is a result of her long history of problematic familial relationships. Families that exhibit poor parenting, disagreements, and neglect are said to be dysfunctional (Manay & Collin-Vézina, 2021). Tiffany revealed to a social worker that as soon as she became 8 years old, there was a subtle but noticeable change in her family relations. While she watched, both of her parents would fight and misuse alcohol in their homes. In addition, they started failing to meet their fundamental necessities, like feeding them. Tiffany’s family is an example of a pathologically dysfunctional family, with alcoholic parents who abuse their children and dysfunctional kids who lack basic needs like food and shelter. Children take control of their lives because of their dysfunctional parents. Tiffany’s decision to flee her family because of ongoing maltreatment is evidence of this. Significant effects on Tiffany and her brothers and sisters may result from this problem. Early and successful interventions are therefore required.

Proposed Plan

The first thing I will do to assist Tiffany is to give her the freedom to express her suffering and to patiently and in a secure setting explain what is happening and how the youngster feels. If the family has a caring and capable adult, they can take care of this. If not, I can help as a certified counselor. I will make sure to avoid interjecting judgment or advice, but I intend to encourage her to be open-minded. I will sit down with Tiffany and explain that she was not at fault for it therefore she can deal with the consequences without feeling a great deal of false guilt. I will do this in my capacity as a compassionate competent social worker. Although she can’t avoid the burden of living in a chaotic household, she can manage it. I will advise Tiffany on fun things to do that she can engage in to take her mind off the commotion. It could be anything that piques their interest, such as playing a game, creating art, cycling a bike, solving a puzzle, etc. She would benefit from being in a “safety zone” where the youngster can healthily handle the stress. In addition, I will support the development of independent healthy decision-making from unhealthy parental influence. Creating a list of benefits and drawbacks and selecting the best option will teach her how to do this.

I will evaluate Tiffany and then report the abuse to the police or a nearby child welfare organization. Authorities will look into the complaint and take action to protect Tiffany if needed. I will make sure Tiffany is safe. By keeping Tiffany and the person who abuses her apart and supervising her while she is around the abuser, I will make sure she is safe. I will also assist her in getting medical care and consider other forms of support, such as therapy or additional psychological care. Age-appropriate support networks may also be beneficial.

The next step is to seek and provide professionals since Tiffany has experienced significant problems in her physical and emotional health as a result of childhood sexual abuse. TF-CBT is effective in helping Tiffany deal with the effects of childhood sexual abuse as well as sexual exploitation. This method incorporates caregiver and individual-focused interventions that inform families about the effects and reactions of trauma in children (Cohen, Deblinger & Mannarino, 2018). Additionally, it is an approach with components that are organized, time-bound and focused on a time frame. It also includes education about trauma and its impacts, strategies that promote positive coping skills and relaxation, joint child-parent family sessions, and gradual exposure that enables adolescents and children to provide details of their experiences and techniques for addressing unhelpful and inaccurate thoughts connected to the abuse. Through several sessions, TF-CBT will enable Tiffany to manage her symptoms of childhood sexual abuse and learn how to engage in positive behaviors. It will also provide her parents with parenting skills that may help them understand the importance of their support to Tiffany’s development.

Multidimensional family therapy is a successful treatment option for Tiffany’s troubled family. This approach, which is family-based and adaptable, deals with teenage problems in both teenagers and their immediate families (Filges, Andersen, & Jrgensen, 2018). Due to its effectiveness in studies conducted in both academic and social environments, multidimensional family therapy is supported by evidence. Additionally, numerous research has demonstrated the efficiency of the intervention through various exploratory studies. In addition, numerous studies undertaken by numerous research teams have demonstrated the efficacy of multidimensional family treatment. A mix of enhanced cognition and modifications in behavior are among the intervention’s effects.

Multidimensional family therapy is also suitable for Tiffany’s case due to many reasons. This technique targets risk factors that lead to dysfunctional family problems including neglect and substance abuse as well as problematic behaviors in children (Filges, Andersen & Jørgensen, 2018). It will be effective in helping Tiffany’s family develop healing and protective factors that will help offset their behavioral problems. This intervention will incorporate different levels including Tiffany and her parents individually, the whole family, and influential social systems affecting Tiffany’s development. Multidimensional family therapy is also suitable for Tiffany since it is seeking to obtain practical and immediate outcomes in the most critical transactional and individual domains of her everyday life. The intervention will also help her deal with the effects of sexual abuse and family issues. It will also involve parent training sessions in which the social worker will work with Tiffany’s parents focusing on their parenting roles for Tiffany.

Summary of Research Articles

Many studies have proven TF-CBT to be effective in the treatment of childhood trauma. Cohen and his colleagues through qualitative research investigated the effectiveness of TF-CBT on traumatized adolescents and their families (Cohen, Deblinger & Mannarino, 2018). TF-CBT model evolution has been evaluated from the treatment developers’ perspective including methodological and conceptual research features, focus population design issues, and critical challenges and how they can be addressed. The study results show that the TF-CBT model has been examined in different problematic research settings and strong proof of improving the symptoms of trauma has been proven across different populations of children. The researchers conclude that TF-CBT is a widely used and effective treatment method for helping children with trauma.

A study steered by Filges et al shows the effectiveness of multidimensional family therapy. The researchers conducted a methodical review of nonrandomized and randomized investigations using guidelines from Campbell Collaboration (Filges, Andersen & Jørgensen, 2018). They also employed metanalytic methods to synthesize the results of the study quantitatively. The research produced five studies that were compatible with the inclusion criteria. Among other drug abuse treatments, multidimensional family therapy proved to be effective. It also showed positive effects on retention of treatment, unlike other conditions of control. The findings of the study show that multidimensional family therapy is effective in helping families with drug abuse issues.
















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