Rhetorical Analysis Essay: All about it and how to write the best.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay: All about it and how to write the best.

If you’re a student looking to research and write a rhetorical analysis essay, you’re probably wondering, “what is a rhetorical analysis essay?”. It can be easy to get confused with all the different types of essays you have to write throughout your college career.

To make sure your paper is on topic and gets an A+ instead of the dreaded C or worse, we’ve got all the information you need right here.

What is a rhetorical analysis essay?

A rhetorical analysis essay is an essay in which you analyze the rhetorical devices or the persuasive techniques used by the writer to get his or her point across.

It is a type of analytical essay in which you break down the writer’s argument. The argument is broken into its parts and then put back together to show how it works. This is the rhetorical analysis definition.

Every essay is different and students should gain invaluable experience in the process of writing such essays. Read different papers that have had the best reception at various schools and enrich their understanding. In other words, rhetorical analysis can be extremely rewarding when done properly.

If you’re interested in exploring a range of strategies you can employ to write such an essay, here are excellent resources.

  • When to Use Paragraph Insertion by Joe Goldmark.
  • Essay Tips from a College Grad.
  • Essays and Anecdotes: From a Master Chemist.
  • The Art of Persuasive Writing by Carolyn Bernstein.
  • The Importance of Context by Emma West.
  • Intro to Rhetorical Analysis.

The purpose of a rhetorical analysis essay

The most important part of a rhetorical analysis essay is the argument presented. It’s important to remember that “rhetorical” analysis is the analysis of an argument. The purpose of a rhetorical analysis essay is to identify the premises, conclusion, and reasoning used to conclude.

Let’s use a rhetorical analysis essay example of a written paper titled “The Importance of Cultural Competency”. Here’s a brief description of the argument based on the assigned text.

TL;DR: Cultural Competency is important for employees to develop but it’s not the one that is provided by management.

This paper lacks sophistication in terms of the argument. Although you can draw simple conclusions from the thesis statement, the hook doesn’t make a strong case. You have weak arguments and a weak hook which creates a weak essay. Combine poor structure with weak arguments, and you’ve got a piece you’re not interested in.

Make sure your objectives are clear so you can write your way out of a tricky situation.

When writing an argument, it is important to emphasize how your created thesis relies on a few central ideas.

Since you’re assessing the strength of your argument, here are a few questions to consider. Remember, this is a common approach and is used throughout the rhetorical analysis.

These are the core premises of your argument. Make sure each premise matches the others. You can always add additional supporting details. However, it would be best to include a few statements in support of each premise. You can always modify or add supporting arguments, but being concise is extremely important. Effective use of syntax and your writing style will make it easier for readers to understand and process your text.

These are your conclusion statements and arguments. You don’t have to answer every question in the thesis. But it’s a good idea to take out unnecessary questions that don’t contribute to the conclusion. Also, make sure each argument you provide makes sense based on your premises.

How to structure a rhetorical essay

Rhetorical analysis is a type of essay that requires you to identify the rhetorical strategies used in a piece of writing. Also, it shows the purpose of each of those strategies. You can use rhetorical analysis to examine literature, speeches, movies, and even your writing.

Rhetorical analysis for the college essay prompts

To get an A+ in your college essay, you’ll want to write a rhetorical essay that supports the main ideas:

Open up yourself to various points of view.

Explain a concept by utilizing contrasting examples or information.

Give examples and evidence of the points you’re making.

Give a quick overview of what happened or the importance of a topic.

Explain a statement or concept in specific terms or make a point using rhetorical analysis essay examples.

Use a greater number of examples to support a point or make a point in a more detailed way.

Explain a concept using images, illustrations, graphs, charts, and narrative techniques.

Show that your essay supports a point by using analogies and simILAR examples.

Explain a concept using questions and examples.

If your essay supports any of the previous ideas listed above, the essay will work well in the college essay prompts. That is if it’s written well.

Rhetorical Analysis Essay Examples

Rhetorical analysis essay example #1: Use a medical analogy to examine how personal injury lawsuits work.

When discussing why lawsuits work, consider the nature of a personal injury lawsuit. For instance, individuals sue others for personal injuries on pieces of a different person’s property. Personal injury suits distinguish individuals from corporations and companies. Each of the individuals must prove their case before a judge can determine who is at fault in a lawsuit.

Example #2: Find the pros and cons of virtuous versus vicious character.

This could come in the form of a scenario or a question you posed in your essay topic.

“The pros of virtuous behavior vs. the cons of vicious behavior.

Rhetorical analysis essay example

Rhetorical analysis is a type of essay that looks closely at the writer’s purpose. In addition, it considers how the writer uses his or her words to persuade the reader to accept a particular point of view. In a rhetorical analysis essay, you look at the writer’s choice of words, tone, and structure. Your main objective is to understand how the one rhetorical point the essay makes connects to a broader theory, argument, or point of view.

This is not an easy type of writing. An analysis essay often involves breaking down huge amounts of existing knowledge and writing down those ideas. This can easily distract you from your primary objective and bring your essay down to extremely basic and unprofessional, which makes it hard to get past all the other types of essays you have to write throughout college.

Analyzing and supporting your arguments through the use of theory, rhetoric, and historical sources is a staple of good argument writing.

It is crucial for college classes, and if these are topics that you want to take your expertise to in the future, then you will want to keep learning more and writing reflective pieces.

Basic rhetorical analysis essays are written straightforwardly. Instead of going into complex theories and hypotheticals, you use simple descriptions, images, specified facts, and illustrations to help you further explain and support your facts. Moreover, you use case studies and real-life examples to support your point of view.

Finally, you use hard facts and figures to support your argument instead of sweeping generalizations and general statements over non-existent sources of truth.

Detailed rhetorical essays are about depth and detail. In literary contexts, you explore your writing by looking at the literature in context and reflecting on how the literary device used in your writing fits into the broader arguments of the work. You look at all the various literary devices and forms, the lines of argument and symbolism used in your literature, and how your message fits within a larger theory or system.

Tips for writing an effective one

A rhetorical analysis essay is a type of essay that looks at how a speaker or writer has used rhetoric to persuade or influence the audience. It is a common type of essay in college and is often used in courses such as English, history, and political science. It is most commonly seen in introductory composition seminars or for upperclassmen to gain experience for research or writing assignments in their writing programs. Also, to get a better understanding of some of history’s most popular rhetorical devices and rhetorical analyses.

Rhetorical analysis is one of the different ways of looking at old texts and considering their inherent qualities to offer a new interpretation. We often rely on rhetorical devices the way our younger voices often do. Using tools other than logic or evidence to prove our points gives us a unique ability to understand and analyze texts well.

Rhetorical devices are common in nearly every language. The words or sentences that can be used in an essay can usually be categorized into different devices you can find in almost any language: metaphor, simile, evidentiality, logical flaw, a rhetorical figure of speech, rhetorical rhetoric, and the like. There are, of course, differences between these different devices, and obvious differences depend on the politics and ideologies of the writer.

Symbolic representation of a text often refers to the specific embodiment or representation of an idea in a visual or written form. For instance, the use of images such as mythical creatures or historical figures to help illustrate a point. Perhaps one of the most well-known symbolic representations why in Ancient Greece was Odyssey, the epic of Odysseus, the hero of the Iliad. This epic was very commonly read in classrooms across almost every part of Europe for a very specific reason: it was used to teach students how to create and interpret stories using symbols.

When formulating an understanding of a text, many students choose a logical and evidence-based approach. They focus on what is said to prove a point.

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