Personal, Professional, and Career Development Reflective Essay

The ideal development of a person follows a unique route directing resources, facilities, capabilities, abilities, potentials, and interest among other in a line of presumed achievement. Most researchers argue that there are intuitive characters and motivations that shape how an individual grows and becomes prevalent in a community.Essentially, these developments are associated with personalities, professionalism, career and career paths. There are processes and tactical handling of issues that must be conjoined to direct growth and development on these four aspects. In this regard, it is apparent that the fundamentality of managing and planning these attributes is beyond reproach.An individual needs to set a line of interests to ensure that his or her working path has objectives and goals. In this manner, the person can develop personality, career and become a professional in his or her area. This paper evaluates a case of development in various aspects and comparisons. In a bid to perform this task, I have evaluated my strategy while striving to develop into a career warranting me a sustainable future.

Personal and Career Purpose

The presence of a goal or a future aspiration allows me to plan and change my attitudes and characters. Primarily, individual characters determine the people I can interact with and set my social class into a disclosed discourse. The most tactical strategies may involve developing skills and experiences through employment and education.First, education has allowed me to gain skills and attain credential for employment with reputable and well paying firms. Several personalities like patience and persistence have developed subconsciously and through training systems. Such personalities have significant outcomes in the real life. They make me competitive while searching for employment or any other work related issue.These situations revealed that I knew how to outline my plan in creating meaning to every situation. At several instances I have managed to create and organize peoples into groups handling various issues as well as lead them tactically pursuant of my leadership dreams. Furthermore, I had managed to identify opportunity where I could develop my talents as I proceeded with further studies.I have become an experienced and competitive artisan in a way that I can use it to earn a living. Furthermore, it is apparent that people are convinced by my inspirational encouragements, which attract them towards personal development. Therefore, I have become a person to encourage and motivate others.These aspects are part of a plan developing my skills and experiences to facilitate the integration of huger ideas and knowledge. They have allowed me to attain insight into various levels of my career. Tactically, there have been adequate concerns regarding the credibility of ideas.Motivation is an aspect that can be implemented to improve the performance of employees and boosting their tactical approaches in attaining customer satisfaction. Essentially, maintaining the workforce of a business in a critical tool for ensuring that secrets and skills are retained within the business. This aspect implies that a business must be conscious about the working conditions of its esteems employees.In fact, most of the employees working in such a business as the Luxury Hotel undertake shores within a career path where they improve their skills. The employees become the managers and end up becoming significant operators for business proceedings. In this regard, it is vital to create a system that allows employees to show their competitiveness and abilities.The management may formulate model involving increment in salaries, elevating the working class, and initiating competition plan involving winning prizes among others. All these aspects do not only improve the overall business performance, but also isolate the dedicated employees to work and become future managerial workforce.The employee would view this process of reward as an opportunity to earn extra income and attain better-working conditions within the business. In essence, some issues related to authoritative management may be transformed to situations where employees work under minimal supervision since they have set goals at a personal level.This research presents these incentives and shows how they are applied to become beneficial to an organization. In so doing, it reaches the managerial and non-managerial workforce to attain all diverse incentives that may assist businesses to become productive and inspiring.

Career Decision

In essence, the process of making this decision was consistent to some of the theories of decision making. It is an indication that people make decisions in ways that can be generalized to apply to majority. Evidently, the process was characterized by some aspects envisaged in bounded rationality.The theory of bounded rationality reveals that there are two systems of thoughts, including emotional and rational approaches to decision making (Schiavone 2011). When the parents were making this decision, the mother had taken an emotional approach while the father was rational. Clearly, the mother feared that the financial and moral destructions were beyond repair.She felt that the family might become financially incapacitated if they bought the private school. However, she did not have the actual figures to support the fact that the current financial capability of the family could not handle the destructions. In essence, it was a decision that was based merely on the outward perception of the school rather than facts.On the other hand, the father argued that the mismanagement prevailing in the school wasted the lives of many pupils. As a result, it was important to offer a solution to the problem. In his case, he stated that there were two options that included building another school or acquiring the existing one. However, he argued that building another school was more costly that acquisition.Further, he pointed out that the family cannot make a conclusion on whether the investment was too taxing without getting all the facts first. He also indicated that the family would invest despite financial incapability because he was confident that the school could bring good returns if it were managed correctly.The theory of common biases was also evident in this entire scenario and the holistic process of making the decision. In this regard, the misconception of chance was the most evident bias. The theory states that people have a tendency to misconceive that the probability of getting a certain outcome is less than another one (Adair 2010). This perception is informed by emotions and past experiences (Choi 2011).

However, present and future events are not necessarily consistent with the past ones (Xu 2011). In this case, the mother had a misconceived perception that the chances of succeeding in an attempt to renovate and improve the school were minimal. However, this perspective was not informed by factual financial figures that could provide a rationale. In essence, it can be considered as a perfect case of misconceived chance.In a broader perspective, it cannot be disputed resolutely that people are more pessimistic about success (Dolton 2011). Only a few people who have strong will, passion, and determination envisage optimism. As such, the mother was a victim of this general condition since she did not find a good chance of success.Besides the two theories of decision making, the process also envisaged clear indications of heuristics. In theoretical understanding, heuristics purports that people have certain ways of simplifying information and factor of decision making (Missier 2011). These simplifications create a situation in which the decision maker does not consider the factors with due diligence.Further, the theory asserts that simplifying the aspects of decision making might lead to a misconception of the reality (Nooraie 2011). Such misconceptions are informed by concentrating on the wrong focus and disregarding the real one (Su 2011). For example, the father asserted that acquiring a constructed school is less costly than building a new one.However, it is evident that the school, which was in question, had gained a bad reputation among parents and was in a financial crisis. As a result, the cost of acquisition was not the only factor in decision making. Instead, it was important to consider other crucial factors such as reputation and precedence. Whereas these two aspects were important to the investment decision, the father overlooked them.This ignorance and assumption were caused by the simplification of the scenario in a manner that considered cost as the only important variable.As a result, it can be concluded that bounded rationality, common biases, and heuristics were among the critical decision-making theories that characterized the entire process of purchasing the school. Indeed, this process contained two parties and hence the analysis is based on both of them.


Having reflected on the event that took place when the decision was being made by the parents, there were critical undertaking that were crucial to notice. First, rationality is a better approach to making a decision that emotional perspective. When a decision makers embrace rationality, they can conceptualize issues from a sober position. In that regard, their decisions are not hasty.Instead, they are procedural and sequential in nature. Therefore, the approach allows the decision maker to pass through the necessary steps when making a determination. For example, the father’s rationality enabled him to wait and assess the financial requirements before dismissing the acquisition.On the other hand, an emotional approach is a fundamentally flawed method of making decisions. In this regard, decision makers who used this method rush to determine the way forward without deep and profound considerations. For example, the mother had already dismissed the acquisition of the schools just because of the fear that the family was going to run short of funds.Whereas this was the core determining factor of her decision, she did not have any convincing figures to show that the family would become incapacitates if they purchased the school. Biases are also important when it comes to the decision-making process. In fact, it is evident that people become biased even without noticing.Lastly, I would have made this decision in a pretty different manner than how it was done in this case. Personally, I would have talked to some able parents and friends about the challenges facing the school and the community. In the discussion, the issue of poor management and quality of the education provided in the school could be the core agendas.Afterwards, I would propose to join hands with those colleagues and acquire the school as a group. This decision could have been better than the latter because the potential financial risk would be shared. Additionally, acquiring the school as a group would eliminate the notion of private school and bring a picture of a community-based school. In essence, this would be an appropriate strategy for removing the bad reputation that had been painted by the previous management. Further, managing the school as a group would allow the availability of diverse intellectual ideas of improving it.


The management of virtual teams may depict various fundamental challenges. The researchers laying arguments in the literature depict the need and effectiveness of virtual teams. They are identified as prevailing businesses effective in reaching the final outcomes of the researchers. The developments of the virtual teams are improving continuously as the information technology proceeds to attain integration across the globe.The review indicates the proper management allows the teams to attain clients and loyalty for the services they offer. The use of internet in reaching their target members depict the impending quorum required. Presently, the teams have managed to penetrate and unity many people across the globe making the accessibility of services such as marketing easy. The virtual teams have allowed globalization to take place easily.In fact, such social companies do make not only huge profits due to the prevalence of members and common interests, but also creates global civilization and understanding of cultural differences. Such interactions are similar to the application of virtual teams in handling issues throughout the globe. They bring the human resources at one point where they may be accessed and exploited by firms or business easily.


The most fundamental achievement of the development is attaining a workforce striving the meet the company goals in a willing manner. In businesses that do not consider motivating the employees, their work is usually directed by the salary earning the get from the business.However, the motivation oriented workforce does not target the salaries solely. The workforce works hard to attain salaries among other benefits being offered. In fact, businesses managed through authoritative systems fail the employees in working effectively due to lack of peaceful and free mind. In this regard, there must be proper developmental capabilities to deal with issues personally and organizationally.


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