Marketing Campaign Plan

Marketing Campaign Plan


A marketing campaign plan maps the best idea for marketing the brand of a company and a base for sustaining the business to enable it to achieve its goals. It also enables the company to be a step ahead of its competitors in terms of profit making and brand development. As a store for luxury goods, Silva is one example of a company that needs the most effective marketing campaign plan to enable it to grow and gain many consumers in the market. Silva, as a brand itself, tries to substitute its products in the market. The main marketing campaign strategy to be used by Silva limited is e-marketing since the world is changing with the advancement in technology, and therefore there is a need for an effective campaign strategy that will help the company reach most of its audience. The unique feature of e-marketing is that it is innovative and updated, increasing the possibility of Silva to gain more consumers. Therefore, this paper addresses e-marketing as a campaign strategy plan that will enable Silva to limited to reach its target market.

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Silva limited is a growing business company specializing in retail, production and distribution, and luxury goods. Silva’s products include footwear, accessories, eyewear, fragrances, handbags, leather goods, and apparel. Silva limited functions in the accessories and industry. Despite its tremendous growth the company is facing major competitors in United States market including Louis Vuitton, & Rolex, Gucci, Burberry, and Hermes amongst others, as leading luxury fashion brands (Petruzziello 2016). Owing to the permanently dynamic character of the industry, Silva has an up-hill task upholding its competitive edge by producing trendy fashion products, way ahead of its competitors. Failure to do so will see customers switching stores to more popular brands that frequently roll out new designs. This is one area that Silva ought to be keen on, especially when rolling out its marketing plan.

Silva’s target market is based on demographic, psychographic, and geographic segmentation. The company has a wide range of products meant to satisfy different consumer needs. As such, the target market is varied with variables such as age, income, working conditions, as well as literacy levels. The main target audience of Siva limited is all American citizens. On targeting strategy, Silva utilizes a differentiated targeting strategy to allow for the formulation of the best ways to acquire potential customers in the different segments and product categories.

The company’s mission of Silva limited is “to achieve growth for the company and increase corporate value by introducing innovative ideas and produce quality products.” The company’s vision is based on sustainability. It aims at engaging in and promoting environmental practices by the internationally set standards. As such, the company wishes to become a top company that is committed to ensuring sustainability and making the most quality products for their consumers.

With specific attention to the retail section of the industry, studies show that the fashion industry has been facing encountering problems in the last few years, owing to widespread economic insecurity which resulted in increased caution with regards to consumer spending. Nonetheless, the same studies predict a yearly 5.2% increase in revenue in the coming half a decade over 2018-19 because of the economic situations, which are stabilizing (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2019 ). On the same note, from recent findings, an increase of 0.5% on the estimated trends of current prices on personal accessory, clothing, and footwear exits in the United States. (Maloney, 2015 ). This situation presents a tremendous opening for Silva to come up with the most effective marketing campaign plan.

It is worth noting that Silva has a distinct chance of converting the spontaneous and consumers into loyal customers. There is a need for the company to create an efficient marketing campaign plan which will enable the company to persuade the audience and turn the traffic into sales. For the dominant shoppers of luxury goods, Silva can provide reasonable pricing to help lure consumers to the company’s brand. Besides eliminating competition, reasonable pricing will also eliminate reduce from Silva’s competitors in the fashion industry. Silva can conduct social media campaigns on their ethical considerations in product manufacturing and overcome one of its weaknesses.

An earlier report placed the yearly customer expenditure on the footwear and apparel industry in the U.S, at 30 billion U.S dollars (Maloney, 2015). Research on the current trends in the sector reveals that technology is significantly transforming the industry due to the industry’s attributes of speed and agility in the development of new products. As such, many multinational fashion firms are going digital (Petruzziello, 2016). Incorporating an elaborate Marketing campaign plan for Silva in the United States is pivotal since it will increase the company’s sales. Consequently, creating an E-Marketing campaign plan for Silva Limited, as a marketing campaign strategy, whose primary focus will be the United States market will be the best idea.

E-Marketing Strategic Campaign Plan

Segmentation and Targeting Strategy

As regards physical segmentation, this marketing campaign plan targets the broad United States market in general. This includes but is not limited to young adults and all Americans who can access the internet. Demographically, this e-marketing campaign plan targets each class of American visitors and citizens, without any particular ethnicity or gender target. Regarding psychographically, this marketing campaign plan aims for frequent social media users. This marketing campaign plan also aims at utilizing the developed internet infrastructure in the United States to stretch out to Americans who work from their houses but still want quality products (Chaffey & Ellis-Chadwick, 2019). Further, the campaign plan targets people with higher patron status that motivates them to purchase quality and unique products to enable them to stand out amongst their groups. Individuals with strong patron status include upper-class and middle-class employees as well as successful business personnel.

Behaviorally, this marketing campaign plan aims for people who seek quality and convenience. The customers will adore a wide variety of products offered by the store, prices, and their sizes as well. Individuals targeted in this segment include working class people with very tight schedules and in need of quality products (Prashar, Vijay and Parsad 2016). As such one can browse through the items and later on, drop by the store to pick their product over a lunch break, for instance.

Differentiation Strategy

This marketing campaign plan endeavors to understand the convenience and customer service differentiation. Silva is known for its luxurious strategic ambiance and unique customer service in its stores. The made-to-fit products are specifically designed custom ally to meet the specifications of the customers. Further, Silva’s stores are known for convenience in shopping, with vibrant attendants ready to serve customers in the shortest duration possible. Similarly, the e-marketing campaign plan will integrate the brick-and-mortar stores characteristics and drive Silva’s sales to a higher level.

Distribution and Positioning Strategy

Silva aims to come up with an indirect distribution strategy which will allow the company to sell its products through retailers, wholesalers, distributors, agents, as well as online sites. Silva is also aiming at positioning itself to be the leading style creator, innovation, sophisticated elegance, and an uncompromised quality service provider. By using the internet infrastructure, Silva will be able to respond quickly to inquiries from customers, and offer a central place that is convenient for consumers to purchase their products.

E-Marketing Campaign Strategy


The campaign strategy envisioned in this marketing plan involves the creation of a new product strategy. As such, social media and internet platforms will be used in redirecting the traffic to Silva’s e-commerce website, facilitate transactions, and support the delivery of customer service. Hence, a revamp on the existing Silva’s online stores websites will be needed. Further, the current website only redirects customers to brick and mortar stores. The revamp move will be significant because if the customers are redirected to the straight online buying shops, consumers will be able to carry out transactions directly, without procrastination. Silva will also make sure that its website is compatible with all electronic devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones. This move will facilitate the promotional strategy discussed above.

Place/distribution strategy

Based on the place, Silva will establish a strong distribution base in more than 180 countries worldwide. The widespread of the company’s products will attribute an indirect distribution channel which will facilitate sales through wholesalers, retailers, agents, and distributors across the world. Also, the company will promote online sales of its products, making it convenient for the customers to access them.

Promotion/marketing communication

As far as advertising is concerned, Silva will use a variety of platforms to market its product. Firstly, Silva will incorporate the use of social media as a way of increasing awareness of the target audience. Formation and branding of the company’s American Facebook page and Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat accounts will the first step to accomplishing this task. This will provide more attractiveness of the products to the American market. The promotion, Silva products will mostly target the youth and the adult populations. The company will advertise its products through both traditional and digital approaches depending on the market segmentation. Additionally, the company’s online presence will enable the company to market and promote its products; thus increasing sales and gaining more customers Also, Silva can include Google AdWords to help in improving the search index on Google pages especially when the customers search for any words. Finally, Silva can partner with tourism companies to promote its products on their web pages and social media sites.


During implementation, the e-marketing campaign plan suggests using two techniques of pricing. Firstly, dynamic pricing approach and in specific, segmented pricing, through segmented Silva will sell its products at different prices to different customer segments. Online customers will also be able to create their user profiles in every purchase they make, and data be stored for future references (Strauss and Frost 2014). For every consecutive purchase, the system will automatically give the returning customers a specific discount calculated by the sales team. This campaign strategy will be an efficient tool to convert individuals into loyal consumers. Secondly, Silva will make use of promotional pricing as an effective strategy such that, when the company intends on releasing new products and designs, the consumers will be informed on the details of the new designs, colors, attributes, and costs. Silva will then inform the consumers to purchase the products before their date of release, at a specific promotional price. However, Consumers will consequently buy the products at higher prices after the date of release. This campaign strategy will drive sales, as customers compete to be the first to buy new products and designs.


In sum, this e-marketing plan is the most effective marketing campaign to be used by Silva that would help promote its brand, not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world. Silva limited is a growing company that focusses in the production, supply, and selling of luxury products including footwear, accessories, eyewear, fragrances, handbags, leather goods, and apparel. Its main target audience is the general U.S citizens ranging from different demographics. E-marketing uses modern communication technologies to market the brand of products, which is the best marketing campaign plain since the world is advancing with technology, and so does the market. By following the right e-marketing strategies, Silva limited will grow to the top luxury products company in the world.





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