Human Resource Management in Tourism Report


Human resource management is an important aspect of management in every institution.Most organizations have a separate department that performs the important function.Human beings are complicated beings and thus must be dealt with understanding. Human resources are responsible for doing activities that lead to the success of an organization. They have to be motivated and comfortable to work. Human resource management is practiced in many fields that involve human beings. Among the fields is the tourism industry (Elisa et al, 2004, p. 3).The tourism industry is characterized by diversity and therefore has sensitive needs of human resource. This report will discuss how effective Human Resource Management could contribute to the successful management of organizations in tourism industry.The report will focus on important elements of human resource management such as the process and policies of recruitment as well as competencies. The outcomes of ICT on human resources will be discussed to emphasize its significance in the tourism industry. It will also focus outcomes of information and communication technology, work ethics and rewards.

How effective Human Resource Management could contribute to the successful management of organizations in tourism industry

Human resources are very important for the success of any organization. Managing them can be challenging and thus organizations must be effective to in dealing with human resources. Their efforts to produce are what determine the success of the organization in any field including the tourism industry (2010, p. 1).In his research, Nickson (2006, p. 1) points out that the human resource management in the tourism incorporates the management principles to integrate with the specific needs in the tourism industry. These needs among others include recruitment policies and process, outcomes of ICT (information communication technology), inequalities and management of different staff, work ethics and rewards.

Recruitment process

According to the UNEP (2010, p. 147) recruitment is the methods used to get human resources who have attained the qualifications and can work. The end stage of recruitment which is often confused with recruitment is selection. The process starts with advertisement where several persons who are capable of working can apply.The advertisements can be done on the notice boards or media or in the internet. Usually internal advertisements are done before external advertisements. Additionally, the existing employees are given priority in the selection.After advertisements, applicants respond and their applications are received whether online or manually. The candidates are short listed and invite for an interview. The interview is conducted by panelists who select the best on merit. Sometimes there is a second interview after which selection is done. The successful candidates are notified and invited to start working in the industry (Torrington, 2005, p. 46).Selected candidates report and are given induction and upon completion they start working. Induction is done by the human resource representatives, departments head or a fellow worker. The employee is given a team to work with or is given office to start working.In case the panelist fails to get successful candidates, there is a re-advertisement. The process is repeated until they get the right candidate. Sometimes selected candidates fail to report. In such cases the human resource management may select another who was second in the interview performed or start from the beginning of the recruitment.

Recruitment Policies

Jolliffe (1989, Para 1) indicates that tourism industry has to consider seasons in the recruitment of its human resources. This is because the tourism industry has a high season when there are many tourists while in other seasons there are few tourists. Due to the seasons, the employer must hire temporary employees that are going to work during the high season and a few permanent who will work all round the year.The recruitment process must be transparent. It should enable the employer to get committed employees who are best suited for the organization. The recruiters must be qualified and credible and should be aware of the nature of the organization. They should also know the needs of the organization. There should be no discrimination due to color or background of the candidates (Nickson, 2006, p. 1).


Elisa et al (2004, p. 3) note that the human resource management should look for managers who will support the tourism organization to earn more revenue. The human resources efforts determine the success of the organization and those selected must be willing to employ their knowledge and skill in the industry.The human resources must therefore be willing to perform and participate in the expansion of the tourism industry. This is because the profits obtained from the industry will be used to pay all due for the employees and other necessities of the company.Career oriented employees tend to be of great help to the tourism industry. In their pursuit to explore and develop their career in the industry, they lead to the success of the company. Such employees can be given the opportunity to grow and advance as they contribute positively (Elisa et al, 2004, p. 3).Training of the human resources in the tourism industry can lead to successful management. Training can be done to different groups in the industry depending on their roles. Training will enable workers be motivated, know what they are expected to do and work effectively and efficiently. Training also gives opportunities for discovery and development of talent (Elisa et al 2004, p. 4).In the recent practices, the human resource management has placed more emphasis on the management of finances and the ability to market to recruit employees. Another area of competency given attention is the recruitment of workers with information technology competencies.Managers recruit those with computer competencies as a basic criterion. In most cases those with specific expertise in certain areas are recruited and trained to perform specialized tasks. This in turn lead to more rewards as well as expansion of the tourism industry (Elisa et al 2004, p. 4).Further learning of employees in the tourism industry can be encouraged. When they go for further studies, employees increase their skill and become more knowledgeable thus work with more understanding. They learn new developments in the tourism industry and can implement it to realize success. Such employees who go for further studies require little induction in the industry and are therefore in a better position to handle difficulties within the industry than fresh graduates.

Outcomes of ICT

The use of ICT has led to success in the management of the tourism industry. As Elisa et al (2004, p. 1) note, computer competency is a basic requirement for new recruits. The organizations also have taken initiatives to train employees on computer skills. This is because the environment has changed and people are embracing technology in businesses.Therefore technology is being used widely in advertising and thus expertises are required in the tourism industry. Therefore, they use their specialization to lead the organization to gain more profits and stay in the global competition.ICT has been effective in a number of areas. It has been used in the recruitment process to advertise and communicate with potential employees. It has also been used in the management of the industry. The industry has benefited in keeping relevant data about employees, the organization and communicating within and outside the organization.ICT has been a weapon in advertising and communicating with clients. For instance customers can make on line booking for a holiday in a distant location. Furthermore, ICT has opened opportunities and created employment opportunities due to expression.The outcomes of ICT have been helpful in trucking changes in the world as they happen. Through internet, a lot of valuable information can be acquired and thus it is possible to adjust the services as well as management practices to deal with the dynamic requirements of clients. The employees can learn and find relevant information about a problem and Thus ICT has led to the successful management of human resources in the tourism industry.

Inequalities and management of different staff

The tourism industry is exposed to diversity. Nickson (2006, p. 1) suggest that there should be equality in the selection of employees in the tourism industry without discrimination because of color or background. Thus the human resources should be accommodative to different people of different cultures.A variety of employees from different cultures can be of advantage to the tourism industry. This is because such institutions that deal with diverse clients will benefit from the different employees who may be in a better position to such clients. This may be due to the advantage of being multilingual where they can speak in the language the client understands.Managing the staff in terms of health and having a general concern of their welfare is important. Employees with a medical cover from the organization have a sense of security. Employees with ill health have a lower input and are prone to absenteeism. A comprehensive medical cover from the institution has positive impacts on success of the company.This is because employees are catered for, can be treated and recover. Those without cover may lack funds for proper treatment hence will keep falling sick and eventually lead to low input in the company. Some medical covers cater for the immediate family members of the employee thus he is able to concentrate on the job (Nickson 2006, p. 1).

Work ethics

The Sustainable Tourism Online (2010, p.1) the management has to maintain good working relations in the tourism industry. It can have considerate working hours and arrangements for its employees. Additional, it can discourage violations within work and encourage respect among the employees. Such habits as use of drugs and alcohol can be discouraged. The organization can introduce beneficial leisure activities like clubs as an alternative to abusing drugs (Nickson, 2006, p. 1).There is importance in strategizing whenever there are challenges and problem among the human resources as Nickson (2006, p. 1) indicates. The management must address the grievances of employees whenever cases of violation and misunderstandings are reported. It can adopt techniques of solving problems to reconcile the parties and address issues without taking sides. Poor relationships among employs are characterized with tension and discourage teamwork. Without teamwork, the tourism industry may not realize its goals.


In their research Elisa et al (2004, p. 1) revealed that rewards for the human resources are part and parcel of effective management that led to success. Their research findings suggested that employees who are compensated for their work are motivated and devoted to work. Compensation is based on organizational levels.The top ranked managers receive a great reward than the juniors. The middle managers receive lower than the top managers and higher than the juniors. The juniors are paid least than the others. Additionally, the most experienced are considered to be valuable and are therefore paid an amount considerate of their experience.Wages of employees increase when the employees are promoted. This is because their tasks and responsibilities have been expanded. The wages increase also when the worker goes for further training and hence need to be given a more challenging task.Elisa et al (2004, p. 2) identify increase in work load as a factor that lead to addition of wages to employees. An organization may experience increased clients and thus the organization may choose to add on wages instead of recruiting more workers who may be relieved from work when the season is low.Elisa et al (2004, p. 3) note that the criterion for compensation is based on the position of the employees more than the skills and knowledge they possess. Although they have competencies and knowledge in many areas and are experts in specific fields, their rewards reflect the responsibilities that are attached to their specific positions.This means that those with similar education qualification and are of equal competencies are paid lower because they have fewer and different responsibilities than their seniors. Consequently, the managers in charge use their superior positions to learn more skills in management and thus maintain their position. This competition makes them very effective leading to the success of the organization.Middle level managers who wish to get higher rewards use their positions to demonstrate their abilities. Since they work closely with the top managers, they ensure that they demonstrate their ability to their immediate supervisors (Baum, 2006, p. 4). In most cases they are of same qualifications as the boss and therefore they learn from them. Whenever there are opportunities for promotion they are likely to be recommended since they have demonstrated ability and skills in the human resource management (Elisa et al, 2004, p. 3).Skills and education of an individual are important in determining the rewards (Torrington 2005, p. 45). Effective rewards dependent on the qualifications of an individual gives satisfaction to the employee. When rewarded according to his ability, the employee devotes his time to work for the tourism industry hence there is success.Underpaid professionals tend to look for opportunities in other organizations. Highly skilled individuals are usually on demand as Elisa et al (2004, p. 2) state. They include personnel in specialized areas like information technology. They demand for high wages and thus to maintain them they are paid according to their demands. Managers are in most cases responsible to reward and can be sensitive to human resources needs. The mangers can have additional rewards for outstanding employees. This will encourage competition in the company for excellent performance. Workers who have worked for long in the company can be rewarded for their commitment. Recognition for work well did lead to improved performance.


In future the tourism industry may investigate the rewards organization. This is because the criterion for payment in some cases is position and in other cases it is expertise knowledge. Furthermore, a balance between expertise and position to determine reward can be made (Elisa et al, 2004, p. 4).


In conclusion, the effective management of human resources is the key to success of the tourism industry. This can be achieved by adopting a recruitment process that is transparent. The process should enable the organization employ competent employees who will lead the company to realize more profits and expand. Policies that allow for diversity and equal treatment can be adopted while paying attention to competence of the employee.Importance of ICT and the outcomes cannot be estimated, as already mentioned, there are changes due to use of technology hence the tourism industry must embrace technology. Technology expands the organizations in terms of business and creates working opportunities for human beings. ICT therefore makes communication possible within and outside the organization.People of different color and back ground can work together effectively and lead to the success. Thus being multi lingual brings positive outcomes in the organization. Additionally, people can learn to work with people from different culture since tourism industry is diverse in nature.Furthermore, the management can ensure that there are policies that govern the behavior of the employees to maintain good relation. It can use strategic measures to solve differences among employees. Moreover, employees must be compensated for their work adequately. This will encourage them to work hard.

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