How To Write a Literature Review: An illustrative To Writing Your First

How To Write a Literature Review: An illustrative To Writing Your First

You’ve been given the task of writing a literature review for your graduate class, but you don’t know where to start. When you begin your research on this endeavor, you’re faced with an overwhelming amount of information and don’t know how to organize it into something that makes sense. You are not alone; literature reviews are often among the most difficult assignments undergraduate and graduate students encounter. However, they don’t have to be! For a step-by-step guide on how to write your first literature review, see this article.

What is a literature review?

A literature review is a comprehensive summary of findings from previous research on a particular topic. This is the literature review meaning. By reading through and summarizing what has already been discovered about a topic, researchers can gain a better understanding of the overall state of knowledge in an area and what gaps in the research still exist. That is the essence of literature review in research.

On the other hand, Grey literature is defined as the research which is unpublished or has been previously published in any given non-commercial version or form. Grey literature examples are available here at homework ASAP. 

The study of texts is one of the oldest forms of human creativity. Throughout history, books have been used to transmit knowledge and ideas, form communities, and rule societies—all without the need for printing presses or widespread literacy.

However, as technology grew in the 19th century, academics struggled to preserve these invaluable documents from falling into oblivion. The protection of manuscripts and the means to store them safely were entrusted to the Library of Congress (LOC), and over the centuries, the LOC has preserved thousands of unique collections, books, periodicals, and papers for all academic disciplines.

A common approach to collecting and organizing the collection of ancient people’s knowledge was to assign each topic a house name that encompassed the entire collection. In this way, discoverers could simply search their chosen area of interest using a name-based simple search facility such as broad-house-search (“paganism”). Previously known manuscripts would automatically be added to a special bibliographic index. These broad-house-search tools were designed in the 19th century and while they remained in place until the 1980s, they were unable to preserve the vast amount of information available.

In the 1980s, the LOC began to catalog digital copies of its vast holdings in electronic form. These collections were initially stored on magnetic tape, but in the 1990s and 2000s, the LOC began to digitize its entire collection of paper and manuscript collections for the first time.

Thinking that the collections of manuscripts and printed books would be equally valuable to researchers, the late Dr. Melanie Hall, then Dean of the School of Library and Information Science at Ohio University, began to digitize these collections using the powerful technology that had emerged out of the computer revolution in the previous decades.

Why is writing it important?

Writing a literature review is important because it helps you to learn more about your topic, which is the first step to becoming an expert in your field. It also helps you to develop your critical thinking skills, which is one of the most important skills that you should learn for future projects. 

You can organize your discovery in many different ways but the best way to organize is to use the Robinson schema. Robinson’s seven stages of organization help you understand the different levels of organization that a subject has. A review of related literature example is available.

Many people wonder how to decide what to review when they begin their research on a topic. Indeed, It is not quite easy to tell where to start. To avoid being overwhelmed, you can use the Robinson schema to decide what to focus on first. But what is this schema, and what does it represent?

According to an article published in the Journal of Educational Psychology, the Robinson schema represents the different levels of explanation. The primary aim of this organizational model is to create a structure for the different levels of organizational components of a topic. The eight levels are:

You may find that you start to organize your research and write a lot of sentences if you start at the beginning, literature review examples of this being the beginning sections of this paper. Or there could be organizing reading assignments that begin in the middle of the research. This could also be the case in your other writing literature review projects.

One big advantage of using this schema is that it can help with general organization as well as researching specific subjects. If you start at one stage of the Robinson schema, you clear out a lot of the potential distractions and distractions that accompany researching a subject. This will help you concentrate more on taking your expertise and organizing it into a pathway to becoming an expert in that field.

Writing a literature review has advantages that do not stop at organizing your findings. 

What should you look for in a good literature summary?

A literature review in academic writing is a critical analysis of the existing scholarly literature on a topic. A review of related literature is not the same as a literature survey, which involves compiling a list of sources. Like all academic writing, the literature review in an academic paper has a particular structure, with sections that you need to follow.

To write a literature review, you start by ensuring that the chosen literature is from an English language journal published in a fairly recent issue of a reputable academic journal. While many specialized references works such as those published in theses and dissertations are available electronically, you need to find printed editions so that you can double-check the sources you cite. Check out the literature review sample. A scholar’s referencing alternatives include Amazon; a typical directory in your university library; or the website of your university Press. It can help to contact the relevant librarian to see what volumes they have available. Second, before writing your essay, check out recent collections of peer-reviewed studies of the topic to learn more about the field. Some literature review resources have online guides available on their websites. Third, identify what content sections are to be included in your paper, as each section will be pivotal to the quality or weaknesses of your paper. The contents of each content section should be consistent with the themes and ideas you want to bring to the study. Finally, research each source and closely examine the original research and its methodology. After you have thoroughly conducted your research, thoroughly summarize your findings. Finally, spot questions that should be answered within your paper. That is the process of incorporating literature review in research.

Determining the ideal length of a literature review will depend on the breadth and depth of the literature you choose to review. By taking a look at any given example of literature review you can tell the ideal length. Generally, the type of review you’re envisioning will be either an integrated whole or a selection of pieces that satisfy your specific research question. A one-sided literature review will likely be too argumentative and contain too many author ideas, while a multi-sided one will be too heap-on. Pre-adherence to a particular length also affects, depending on the discipline and expected level of complexity.

How to organize your lit review

The literature review is one of the most important parts of your dissertation. It informs your research question, guides your literature search, and helps you analyze your findings. Your literature review is a part of your dissertation that will be read by experts in the field, so you’ll want to present your findings in a logical, organized way.

All disciplines study writing. Your study in this area will make you more successful as an undergraduate and as a graduate student in the long run. The techniques you learned here can aid your writing for research papers, grant proposals, college applications, and resumes.

It’s difficult to spend all of your time working. The good news is that the reading you do while working can be as valuable and important to you. Read what interests you. Refine your reading into easily digestible formats so you can extract the most value from it. Get ideas for your research or coursework from some of the articles and books you enjoy.

Words aren’t just created equal. What works for one person won’t serve another reader. It’s important to nuance your writing to best serve your intended reader. You can do this by:

Any writer is familiar with this workflow:

“If you get the compliments you expect, you will not only survive but thrive.” — Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was an American poet. As an undergraduate, she used this simple workflow for a poem that listed 50 of America’s ills. According to her, ills included selfishness, provincialism, immorality, and ignorance. Her poem went on to win a coveted fellowship at the Massachusetts School of Greetings, awarded by John Hopkins University.

The main way Dickinson used her essay to earn this recognition was by structuring it in logical and relevant sections. This heuristic allowed her to compartmentalize her topic and use dis-connected sections of her poem to gradually reveal new information. Additionally, each logical section complemented the previous section and provided additional perspectives for readers.

How to write the introduction of your literature review

An introduction is an integral part of a literature review and you need to make it count. This is your chance to explain to the reader why your literature review is necessary, what you’re going to cover, and how you’re going to organize it. Consider your introduction to your research before you give it to your readers. Establish your tone, where you should introduce yourself, and where you should introduce your research. Don’t stray from these points as these form the backbone of your introduction in all of your reviews.

If you know that you’re going to use the English language, you can start by writing a letter of introduction. This letter is separate from your formal introduction. In this letter, you introduce yourself, your research topics, and why you think your particular literature is important.

What will this letter look like? Mine is as follows:

“Dear [Name of Fellow],

Thank you for your time for your reply. I am [PN-title] in [some research area]. My title is [Name of school or department] and my department or college is [Name of university], where I am pursuing my graduate studies.

I am writing a literature review of related literature a book or article presented today at [Name of conference]. The term review is not used in this letter, but I will attempt to outline in my review the things that I admire about the piece, the problems that I find, and what makes this literature worth my time to read. If you have any further questions about the article or book, please do not hesitate to ask.

I look forward to your feedback.

Sincerely, [YOUR NAME]”

While you can write an introduction in the form of a letter, there are more important guidelines you should follow. First, it’s helpful if you can provide more substantial context for your article or book.

How to write the body of your literature review

To write the body of your literature review, you’re going to want to: 

  1. cite your sources. Citing your sources will help the reader trust you and your argument. In addition, It is going to show that you have conducted your research. 
  2. State your argument. Your argument will be the main point of your paper. 
  3. Support your argument. You can support your argument through citations, citations of authority, and other pieces of supporting evidence, claims, and thoughts. 
  4. Present your evidence. Show the reader that you’ve done your research and presented your evidence in a well-written and persuasive manner.

Organizing your sources is part of writing your paper. Choose a few relevant papers, novels, or other sources from your research and place them into a section. That section should expand on previous sections, perhaps telling a story from the author’s perspective or highlighting a particular rule of thumb or methodology.

When citing sources, keep your headings in their original order. You don’t need to put subsection names at the end, and choosing a heading with four or five options can make it harder to scan for relevant passages. This is especially true when you’re giving a literature review example. Aim for an eight-word or less heading for each source you cite. If you’re citing a lot of numbers, you may want to change your heading format to an ordered list with words in ascending order. You can request that the guide or your supervisor format the section of your paper that includes your writing.

Side notes: headings and subheadings are very important; keeping them consistent is a good idea. Adding a table of contents helps the reader scan through the paper easier.

Use citation style. Save the formatting that Word and PPT used to create the PDF you’re submitting so that you can use your formatting for your paper. Citing is not one single task; many articles, books, blog posts, and tweets also utilize citation style.

Plan out your outline. Your paper is only as good as the outline you’ve created for it.

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