What are the perspectives of psychology?

The perspectives of psychology are as follows.

  • Biological Perspective: focuses on bodily, changes, brain chemistry, genes, evolution in shaping our behavior
  • Humanistic Perspective: we strive for self-actualization, we have free will, positive psychology, unconditional positive regard
  • self-actualization which focuses on reaching our full potential must move through Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
  • Behavioral Perspective: Our behavior is shaped by our environment and the reinforcements and punishments we receive, we also learn through modeling and imitation
  • Cognitive Perspective: This perspective focuses on thought processes and what goes on inside our head that influences our behavior
  • Psychoanalytic Perspective: Freud’s perspective, focuses on unconscious thoughts and desires, and repressed early childhood memories and defense mechanisms
  • Socio-cultural Perspective focuses on norms, rules, roles, and values from our society and their influence on our behavior