Theme statement examples

theme statement examples
theme statement examples full list

Here is a detailed list of theme statement examples you can use in your essay writing.

  1. Death isn’t something to fear however something to embrace as unavoidable. 
  2. Gossip can obliterate an individual’s standing in one murmur. 
  3. Abhorrent deeds are rebuffed in manners you probably won’t anticipate. 
  4. Trusting in yourself is pretty much as significant as trusting in others. 
  5. A family upholds you in any event when the rest of the world questions you.
  6. Discovering acknowledgment in yourself drives others to acknowledge you too. 
  7. Remaining consistent with yourself can prompt prospects in life you didn’t anticipate. 
  8. It takes confidence in yourself to flourish in an unforgiving world. 
  9. Confidence in yourself and your capacity is a startling yet fundamental exercise to learn. 
  10. Your character isn’t static yet develops with you as you find more about yourself
  11. It takes great courage to trust others, knowing they might disappoint you.
  12. The foundation of a relationship is built upon the trust you have in your partner.
  13. Trust can be difficult to accomplish and effortlessly broken with one wrong move. 
  14. Trust can not simply be given; it must be procured through activities. 
  15. In spite of the fact that it’s difficult to acknowledge, you can’t generally confide in loved ones to have your wellbeing on a basic level.
  16. Love taken to extreme limits can get risky. 
  17. Adoring yourself, in spite of your imperfections, can prompt a more joyful life. 
  18. Love can assist us with being our best selves. 
  19. Profound love can secure us even after they leave this Earth. 
  20. Love has the ability to modify us in sure and negative manners.

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