History of Candle magic

Candle enchantment

‘A decent broadly useful spell that any individual who trusts in it can do,’ says Latham. Pick a candle of a proper shading for the work (green or pink for adoration, yellow for abundance, red for strength, blue for favorable luck, mauve for shrewdness, earthy colored for soundness). On the off chance that you wish to draw something towards yourself, compose its name from the highest point of the light to the base. In the event that it’s something you need to disperse, compose it from the base to the top. Flame sorcery, as generally enchantment, is best done into the evening. To attract something to you, start the spell on another moon; to scatter it, start on a melting away moon. Light the flame and emphatically imagine what you need to accomplish however long you can look after focus. Victory the candle. Rehash the technique the following evening, and again every night until the moon has finished its waxing or winding down. Cover or consume the light trash. Try not to discard it. Try not to discuss the spell; and, whenever it’s done, forget about it.