Case Study HRMN

Scenario 1

Question 1

There are critical positions that need to be considered during recruitment for the successful completion of the project. Work should be first split into two phases with the first phase consisting of current, a few additional staff, and subcontractor for completion of the project. Among the most critical positions include task managers, programmers, project managers, technical writers, graphic artists, instructional designers. A project manager is needed to oversee website function and creation, knowledge capture, course and program evaluation, course design and delivery, logistics, and public relations (Cascio, 2021). He or she will be authorized to MRG HPI’s critical decisions concerning the contract execution. Instructional designers are needed to develop the course, develop a student manual, define the instructional methodologies to be used, write course materials, and identify the course content.  Graphic artists will produce animation and graphic sequences for each course and develop website materials and brochures. Technical writers will produce instructor guides, train the trainer materials, brochures, and transcript manuals while programmers will create and maintain the website including all the software programs.

Question 2

One of the major recruitment policies is looking into job descriptions of employees according to their specifications. It is also critical for recruiters to focus on shortlisting of the candidates and the advent of the recruitments. Interview policies need to be reviewed to guide the candidates being recruited (Cascio, 2021). The main challenge posed by the policies is that they may prevent recruiters from choosing the best candidates. Based on the job description and performance of the candidates, it may be difficult for them to get the positions. Another challenge is that the candidates may fail to effectively use the data which makes it hard for them to be motivated by the intended job aspiration.

Question 3

I will meet the challenges arising from the recruitment policies by ensuring that the team switches its approach from proactive reactive. It is also critical to come up with effective ways that will help in overcoming the challenges (Abbasi et al., 2020). This requires effective recruitment metrics when looking for improvement opportunities for the candidates.

Question 4

My recruitment strategy involves several important actions one of them is ensuring the development of the employee. One of the best ways is by focusing on the expertise and experience of the candidates (Cascio, 2021). This can be achieved through face-to-face interviews where well-crafted questions are asked. The candidates are expected to meet all the expectations required during the interviews. I can also create job positions according to projects available within the company. To communicate the recruitment, I can use social media, emails, and text messages. These are among the fasted and most effective ways of reaching potential candidates. I will publish advertisements on social media platforms and the company website.


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Scenario 2

Question 1

While project managers are expected to have many attributes, one defining quality is having great performance. However, some managers fail to meet this quality leading to poor services. In the case of DRA PS, the new program manager failed to accomplish the client’s needs leading to poor performance. To handle the program manager’s issues, I would first identify the problem areas and the project status. This will provide me with insights on the problem areas instead of focusing on the performance issues alone. I will also try and get clarification concern the performance of the project manager and project performance from other stakeholders. Project status and project performance combined with feedback and one on one dialogue with the project manager will help me get enough information to decide the next action (Aeon & Aguinis, 2017). I will talk to the project manager concerning the issues raised by the client. During the meeting, we will discuss my concerns and that of the stakeholders, the project manager’s concerns, the timeliness to solve the issues, strategies of resolving the issues, and my expectations. If the project manager fails to meet the expectations, then the next action will be to fire him.

The company did not make the right decision of figuring the project manager.  Before taking any action, they should have taken time to closely look at the project, the task status, milestones, and any undocumented concerns or issues (Kumar & Mathimaran, 2017). Firing the project manager should be the last step when the expectations and options provided are not met and do not make any difference in his performance.

Question 2

Several options to finding a new manager exist. One option is relieving the previous project manager from his duties and assigning the instructional designer to manage the project. Since time should be considered, it is important to act quickly while moving forward with the project to avoid causing further issues that can lead to missing the deadline or extra costs (Kumar & Mathimaran, 2017). Another option is to hire another project manager immediately. This is risky but effective when new ideas and expertise are needed to push the project forward.


Question 3

There are several benefits of hiring the lead designer to take the role of the project manager. First, the instructional designer effectively understands what the project entails making it easier to accomplish the tasks. The instructional designer will also devote his effort and time to get the project done. He will also offer specific expertise and skills and has the flexibility of working onsite remotely or with the team. Since the instructional designer has expertise and insights gained from the project and others, he can offer fresh perspectives that bring out new designs and styles (Aeon & Aguinis, 2017). However, there is a significant risk of hiring an instructional designer to fill the role of a project manager. An instructional designer does not have the expertise and experience of a project manager. Therefore, the instructional designer may find it challenging to accomplish certain tasks.

Question 4

Several retentions and recruitment challenges are likely to be faced when filling the position of a project manager quickly. One of the major challenges is attracting the right candidates. Recruitment is a vital process that needs time. Replacing the project manager quickly may attract many unqualified candidates. HR will choose the best candidate at that time but the best fit for the position. Another challenge is to engage with qualified candidates. Best candidates need to be contacted regularly (Aeon & Aguinis, 2017). Also, candidates with hard-to-find skills are not often available since they may be considering many job options at the same time. The hiring process needs effective and fast communication, easy evaluation of candidates, and knowledge of what is going on in every step. Coordinating the communication and the hiring process is not an easy task for recruiters.


Aeon, B., & Aguinis, H. (2017). It’s about time: New perspectives and insights on time management. Academy of management perspectives31(4), 309-330.

Kumar, A. A., & Mathimaran, K. B. (2017). Employee Retention Strategies –An Empirical Research. Global Journal of Management and Business Research 17(1). ISSN 2249-4588.

Scenario 3

Question 1

The primary retention issues include lack of effective leadership, hiring the wrong people, and lack of effective communication. The company lacks effective leaders who would have significantly helped in making sure the client’s project is well executed before submission. There was no coordination between the management and the team. This led to poor performance that led to significant outcomes such as staff reduction. There was also no motivation offered to the team while they were working on the project (Bawa, 2017). Another retention issue is hiring the wrong people. The company hired a wrong and inexperienced project manager who led to the failure of the project which also affected the entire team. Hiring the wrong people leads to a decline in the satisfaction and mood of team members. Also, there was poor communication between the management and the team (Singh, 2019). They failed to communicate with the team concerning the issues arising from the from and their ways of solving the issues. They also failed to update them on staff reduction plans.

Question 2

To retain the existing employees there is a need for effective strategies. First, the existing employees should be provided with training and clear paths to advancement. Promoting them will not only pave way for greater responsibility and compensation, but it will also help them feel they are a crucial part of the project’s success and valued (Aeon & Aguinis, 2017). Another strategy is to show them trust and providing them with opportunities to grow. Respect is also a crucial aspect that leads to enduring and strong workplace culture including positive memories and experiences. Besides, rewards will help motivate them to perform better and they should go beyond monetary compensation. Also should be provided with enough time to relax.

Question 3

To motivate the current team, I will set clear goals and share my vision for the project. This will help encourage the team to work hard to achieve better results. Supporting alignment across and within teams will help employees feel motivated and valued and increase productivity. I will also effectively communicate with the team. Communication is a two-way street between the leaders and the team (Bawa, 2017). This way I will not only listen to their opinions, ideas, and feedback but also keep them up to date with what should be executed during the project. Nonetheless, I will encourage teamwork. Promoting and encouraging teamwork will boost productivity since it will make them engaged in their tasks and less isolated. Other important ways I will use to motivate my team include rewarding and giving positive feedback, providing development opportunities, and offering a healthy working environment.

Question 4

To replace the employees who have left, I will first communicate with other members within the organizations informing them of the reasons why they left and the need for replacements. The next step will be creating a strategic plan. Discrete hiring is possible but, I will need a robust plan that covers all the bases. For obvious reasons, I will consider the internal candidate for top positions before posting the jobs to the public. I will also create a timeline for holding interviews, vetting candidates, and selecting the best candidates. The next step in interviewing the candidates is offset (Singh, 2019). I will secure an offsite location for the meetings to have ample time and space to select the best candidates. Lastly, I will work with many staffing partners in the process of replacing the positions. This is an effective way to resolve any issues that accompany this approach such as having an offset location for interviews and finding the top talents.



Aeon, B., & Aguinis, H. (2017). It’s about time: New perspectives and insights on time management. Academy of management perspectives31(4), 309-330.

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Scenario 4

Question 1

There are significant steps that I will take to hire the seven new teams. The first step will be to identify the work needed for the project to be completed. Before starting the hiring process, I will document what needs to be done, the types of qualifications necessary for the job positions, and the responsibilities of the roles. All the employees to be placed within the defined and identified positions will have to be qualified for effective performance (Ellis et al., 2017). The second step is to set me up for the hiring process. During this step, I will a workers’ compensation plan and HR software to cover all the employees. The third step is to consider the benefits and pay which equals total compensation. While job descriptions are critical, most candidates pay attention to perks and salaries offered. I will therefore set the appropriate level of compensation for the new roles.

The fourth step is determining the most reasonable pay rate. Most pay rates are different in different industries, regions, and job categories. I will do enough research before making the best decision on the correct compensation plan. The fifth step is to decide the benefits offerings which incorporate paid time off, health insurance, sick time, and vacations. The sixth step is to offer perks that the employees will need (Ellis et al., 2017). These include casual dressing, discounts, and flexible work schedules. The last step is choosing the interview location and hiring the right candidates. This will be achieved through comprehensive interviews that will be assessed by qualified recruiters outside the organization.

Question 2

Several internal and external methods can be used to staff and hire quality teams. There are two important types of internal recruitment including transfers and promotions. Promotions enable the existing employees to advance their skills as the company retains talent while internal transfers enable them to advance their skills in a lateral manner that does not include more responsibilities (Johnson et al., 2020). External methods of recruitment can be achieved through social media, company website, staffing agencies, employee referrals, job fairs, and radio, print and TV advertising.

Question 3

To ensure an equitable, fair, and market competitive reward and compensation strategy I will consider several techniques. Since every employee is unique I will offer a broad range of mix and match options that fit the preferences and needs of all employees. As the manager, I have the option of providing my team members with incentives according to their particular interest areas and type of work (Ali & Anwar, 2021). First I will use compensations in which I will have to negotiate with my new employees and within the cooperation. I will also provide them payroll management which will help manage and record their payment wages. Furthermore, I will offer incentives for good work and consequences for poor work done. The consequences include losing income, getting fired, and benefits. The compensations will be offered fairly to all employees within the company.

Question 4

The most effective strategies that can significantly help to integrate new teams into the existing workforce include providing great training and onboarding and introducing the new teams across the organization. To make the new teams feel comfortable immediately after being recruited, I will provide efficient and organized onboarding processes (Clardy, 2021). I will also offer them comprehensive training to help them acclimate to the team quickly. Effective training programs will provide them with a comprehensive understanding of their roles. I can also make them feel welcome by introducing them to different people within the organization. Apart from the employees working directly with the new team, I will find an opportunity to introduce them to different departments and the management. This will provide them an opportunity to effectively communicate their issues and make them feel valued.

Question 5

Two effective ways of managing performance issues include documenting everything and creating a performance improvement plan. I must document all performance-related issues and discussions with team members (Johnson et al., 2020). This will help me keep track of improvement and find the effective steps that can be taken to help employees reach their goals. Documenting performance also helps in addressing performance issues in a way the is of benefit to the company and the employee. Another way is by creating a performance improvement plan that lays a path for all employees to improve. If the issues are abilities-related the employees will benefit from slight twerk in their responsibilities at work and additional training.


Ali, B. J., & Anwar, G. (2021). An Empirical Study of Employees’ Motivation and its Influence Job Satisfaction. International Journal of Engineering, Business, and Management5(2), 21-30.

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