Behavior Intervention Plan


Children with autistic problems tend to exhibit several behavioral problems that need significant behavioral plans. Skye is an autistic 4-year-old child with several problematic behaviors such as disruption, noncompliance, and physical aggression towards adults. Apart from Autism Spectrum Disorder, Skye also has a significant developmental delay. From DoD records, Skye demonstrates behaviors of concern such as high frustration levels, distractibility, aggression, and tantrums. She is receiving both occupational and speech therapy within her school. Even though these interventions are best in solving these problems, an effective behavioral plan is needed.

A behavioral intervention plan is significant in many ways. Behavior plans are implemented to decrease negative behaviors and increase positive behaviors of autistic children. They can include positive reinforcement (verbal praise, token reinforcement, edible reinforcers) often on a schedule so that the student has to perform the desired behaviors so many times per period to earn the reinforcer, or spend a specific amount of time without exhibiting the undesired behaviors to earn the reward (Långh et al., 2017). This prevents teachers and professionals from unknowingly reinforcing the behaviors by giving unnecessary attention for the biting, or giving the student access to preferred activities or escape from the activity at hand.

Among the major components of a behavioral intervention, the plan is collaboration. This includes collaboration between family, friends, and the professionals that are brought in to help. Also, there is communication and knowledge which is the key to understanding the child that is going to be intervened (Lipschultz & Wilder, 2017). The most essential components of a behavioral support plan incorporate several interventions and strategies of support grounded on functional and individualized assessment. The routines include time management, clear rules, incorporation of choice-making, and consistency across the staff. With an effective intervention plan, Skye’s behavioral problems can be solved.

Target Behaviors

  • Non-compliance: Noncompliance is a major behavioral problem exhibited by children while they develop and as children with intellectual disabilities. It means doing another thing other than what is requested by a teacher or a parent. This behavior was a chosen target since Skye exhibits behaviors such as refusing to follow verbal instructions within 20 seconds. she also refused to place four shamrocks in a container after being demanded to do so by her teacher. Children with ASD often prefer doing things their way because of repetitive behaviors, adherence to routines, poor perspective talking, and nonfunctional rituals (Lipschultz & Wilder, 2017).
  • Tantrum: A tantrum is normal behavior that often occurs when a child is afraid, confused, stressed, and anxious about something. This happens mostly in autistic children since they have difficulties in communication (Långh et al., 2017). This was a chosen target behavior exhibited by Skye through yelling, crying, and flopping to the floor. During tantrums children with ASD, may stiffen up, cry, fall, kick things around, scream and run away. This is a major problem exhibited by Skye that needs significant intervention.
  • Physical aggression: Physical aggression involves behaviors such as kicking, hitting, throwing objects, and throwing objects. Skye exhibits physical aggression by biting, scratching, and pinching herself. She mostly engages in aggressive behaviors when she is denied certain items or activities (Lipschultz & Wilder, 2017). This is a target behavior since it may interfere with interventions meant to help and her ability to perform well. It needs to be comprehensively assessed to come up with effective solutions since increases stress and give rise to other behavioral problems.

Summary of FBA Results

From school observations, the FBA results indicate that Skye’s problems least occurred during activities with the least demand numbers and preferred activities. Activities with the highest problem behaviors included the ones with numerous demands and timetables. Hand over hand physical prompting was effective in dealing with Skye’s noncompliant behavior. From indirect assessment, Skye was reported to engage in aggression and noncompliance behavior at home. These behaviors mostly occur when she is asked to stop doing her preferred activity, when she is in the middle of another activity and when a specific request or task is given. She mostly engages in aggression when denied access to her preferred activity or item. The PBQ checklist results showed that Skye exhibited the highest noncompliance towards adults and least peer attention.

She also exhibited the highest rate of physical aggression towards adults and least towards her peers. The hypothesized function showed that Skye’s noncompliance behavior is in most cases the main problem in a chain of behaviors such as physical aggression and tantrum. The main antecedent condition eliciting these behavioral problems is the presentation of direction or demand to complete a task. Physical aggression and tantrums also occur when she is denied her preferred activities and items. Escape from demand and attention seems to be the maintaining function of the evident behaviors.

Treatment Goals

  • Long-term goal: A long-term long for Skye is to handle her frustrations at any time without melting down and listening or turning them into instructions without non-compliance to be achieved in 6 months.
  • Short-term goal: A short-term goal for Skye is to reduce her physical aggression and tantrums when engaging in timetable activities in 2 weeks.

Intervention Strategies

  • Antecedent intervention: The most effective intervention for noncompliance behavior exhibited by Skye is the high-probability (high-p) instructional sequence. This intervention is suited to many circumstances. It comprises a series of instructions given right before a low probability instruction (Planner et al., 2018). The high-p instruction decreases a child’s slowness in responding to instructions requests and its behavioral momentum encourages the child to persist low-p instructions that are more difficult. Skye’s aide can begin by making a list of high-p instructions including verbal responses for her to complete independently. It is critical for the aide to apply differential reinforcement when using a high-p request sequence.
  • Consequence Interventions: Differential reinforcement of other behaviors is a significant consequence intervention that will help Skye. DR is an intervention strategy created to reduce noncompliance behaviors and the occurrence of interfering behaviors such as aggression, and tantrums (Conklin & Wallace, 2019). There are many strategies of differential reinforcement that can be used to reduce Skye’s non-compliance and interfering behaviors and increase positive behaviors. The initial step when using DR is identifying the noncompliance behavior and finding out the noncompliance function. Functional behavior assessment can be used to identify the function of specific behaviors exhibited by a child. what follows is collecting data, selecting a procedure, and creating an intervention plan.

Data Collection & Measurement

To measure the intervention progress of Skye, I will collect data using pencil and paper on trials percentage with noncompliance. Noncompliance will be seen as not initiating or completing the activity described by a therapist within 10 seconds. I will also record non-compliance during more than 50% of the session. Independent variable data will be collected by recording if the therapist was able to deliver the coupon earned by Skye during her evaluation of treatment. I will collect data from Skye’s medical records and other documents. With the collected data, I will use a multielement design to evaluate the target behaviors exhibited by Skye. All behaviors will be presented as trials which will be evaluated based on results from the functional analysis.

Lack of Progress & Unintended Effects

Lack of progress in behavioral interventions and unintended effects will lead to serious consequences for Skye. According to research, non-compliance is related to negative behaviors and mental health problems that may prolong adulthood (Lipschultz & Wilder, 2017). It can also lead to externalizing problems and delinquency.

Maintenance & Generalization

To maintain, desired behaviors, therapists need to identify all the goals and the environments in which Skye should emit the targeted behaviors. Strategies for maintaining and promoting generalized behaviors include general case analysis, including negative teaching examples, using intermitted schedules, programming common stimuli, and delayed rewards.

Ethical & Social Validity Concerns

Major ethical concerns in this research include informed consent from Skye’s parents, preventing harm, and respect for privacy. Social validity was developed in the school setting as a means of ensuring that the intervention plan would be meaningful and effective. This process significantly relies on the therapist’s judgments. Social validation is grounded on the judgments of teachers, parents, and therapists involved in Skye’s life.




















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